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History of the Pumas | STC Pumas Cricket Club

History of the Pumas

(Also known as Canberra Teachers, Teachers I, Teachers II, TVP Teachers, Southside Teachers) 

STC PUMAS - CCSCA Foundation Club


  • 5 Club Championships
  • 11 1st Grade Premierships (most of any club)

  • 22 Premierships over 6 grades

  • 23 Minor Premierships over 6 grades


On the 17th September 1975 the inaugural meeting of the "Canberra Teachers Cricket Club"
was held. Dick Cornish was our first elected president.

In 1975/76 season 20 players represented Teachers in the A.C.T Sub District B-grade
North Competition. On Saturday 4th October 1975 the concept of Canberra Teachers
Cricket Club became reality when we met City at Majura Oval in our first competition
match. Dave Day scored 110 not out on debut in Teachers total of 5 for 253. In chasing,
City were in trouble having lost two quick wickets to have them at 4 for 134 when rain
stopped play. 2 weeks later Teachers celebrated their first win defeating Daramalan
by 8 wickets. Dave Day again starring with 68 not out.

The following season Teachers played in their first grand final against Diggers at the
Mint Oval winning on first innings in the Sub district South grand final.

When the Canberra City and Suburban cricket association was established for the
1978/79 season, the Teachers club was one of the pioneer clubs for the new
association. The A grade side had won the premiership, which was its third since
the clubs inception, having won two in the sub district competition. Ever since the
successful first season in the CCSCA competition, the club has fielded teams in every
season and has achieved an enviable record.

Some of the clubs early stalwarts include Dick Cornish (first president), Kevin 
Berresford, John Browne, Mal Ecob, Ron Farrawell, Steve Hayes, Brian Kille,
David Nelson, Wayne Pottinger, John Bennett, Peter Brown, Dave Day, 
Graeme Etherington, Peter Finlay, Ian Johnson, Geoff Hutchinson, Steve Provin,
Mike Sainsbury Pervez Sheikh and Paul Bullas.

In 1988 Teachers Cricket Club started a successful era with two teams playing in
first grade by winning the grand final in 1988/89 and 89/90. In 1991/92 the two
teams were known as Teachers 1 and Teachers 2, which had seen the teams
seperate not only on the field but financially with sponsors coming on board.
However Teachers 1 took out the next 5 grand finals, then the following year
Teachers 2 (then known as TVP Teachers) took out the 1996/97 title.

Shortly after, the Teachers 1 team were ageing and eventually folded, leaving
just TVP Teachers playing in first grade. TVP Teachers played in first grade
only until the 1998/99 season, when a meeting was held at the Lanyon Sports Club
to revitalise the Teachers Cricket Club. During this AGM Teachers decided
to expand the club and also change the name to Southside Teachers Cricket Club.

In 1999/2000 we had two teams (1st grade, 2nd grade), the year after we had
three teams (1st, 2nd’s and 3rd's), and the year after we had five teams
(one in each grade). It was in 2001/2002 that we had won the
club championship back for the first time in 9 seasons.

The 1990's had seen the clubs strength continuing and produced players like
Graeme Irvin, Simon Smith, Evan Carroll, Paul Fowler, Doug Finlay (son of Peter), 
Daniel Joyner, Colin Gniel, Troy LeGrand
who have all since retired.

In 2003/2004 the club re-united to celebrate 25 years of cricket in the City and
Suburban Cricket Association. A night at the Irish Club was celebrated with
players past and present coming together to celebrate this clubs great history.

2000-2009 had been a hard slog with some ageing players, although a young
4th grade team in 2006/07 took out the premiership. In our 35th consecutive
season we launched a new logo and name and we took hold of the name STC Pumas.

2010/11 – Having built up both player stocks and on field results, 1st Grade
made back to back Grand Finals, with the other grades being in finals contention
for most of the year. 

Club championships




88/89, 89/90, 91/92, 92/93, 01/02

1st Grade Premiers



76/77# 77/78# 78/79, 88/89, 89/90, 91/92*,92/93*, 93/94*, 94/95*, 95/96* 96/97

1st Grade Runners Up




97/98, 00/01, 01/02, 09/10, 10/11,12/13

1st Grade Minor Premiers

1st Grade T20 Minor Premiers





78/79, 88/89, 91/92, 92/93, 94/95


2nd Grade Premiers




79/80, 86/87, 02/03, 15/16, 16/17

2nd Grade Runners Up




83/84, 84/85, 85/86, 87/88, 88/89, 00/01, 01/02

2nd Grade Minor Premiers




79/80, 81/82, 84/85, 85/86, 87/88, 88/89, 02/03, 15/16

3rd Grade Premiers




80/81, 82/83, 83/84

3rd Grade Runners Up




78/79, 16/17

3rd Grade Minor Premiers




79/80, 80/81, 82/83, 83/84, 16/17

4th Grade Premiers




80/81, 06/07

4th Grade Runners Up




4th Grade Minor Premiers




80/81, 82/83

5th Grade Premiers





5th Grade Runners Up




5th Grade Minor Premiers



6th Grade Premiers



6th Grade Runners Up


13/14, 14/15

6th Grade Minor Premiers



# Sub District Competition (before CCSCA)

* Teachers I, GT Teachers