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Batting Partnerships

Grade Type 
Match Format 
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1125 Richard Gleeson - Jarrod Hupfield STC Pumas Cricket Club1st Grade8 1 Canberra City Cricket Club
2109 Kasun Madawala - James Taylor STC Pumas Cricket Club3rd Grade15 1 AKS Jets
3105 Nathan Beasley - vishal j patel STC Pumas Cricket Club2nd Grade4 1 Woden Wanderers CC
487 Braedon Clarke - Ian Sommerville STC Pumas Cricket Club2nd Grade10 1 Barton CC
599 James Taylor - Kevin Cullin STC Pumas Cricket Club3rd Grade5 1 Workers Redbacks
664 Nathan Beasley - RAJ Sidhu STC Pumas Cricket Club2nd Grade17 1 Barton CC
782 Kyle Allen - Preet Kanwal STC Pumas Cricket Club2nd Grade14 1 Canberra Gymkhana Cricket Club
840 James Taylor - Robert McComas STC Pumas Cricket Club3rd Grade5 1 Workers Redbacks
926 Shane Huxley - David Holgate STC Pumas Cricket Club2nd Grade15 1 Canberra City Cricket Club
10No partnerships of 25 runs or greater     

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