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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
110075606714815902973977100Nathan BeasleySTC Pumas2018/20192nd Grade17 1Barton CC
2977560671481590297397497*Nathan BeasleySTC Pumas2018/20192nd Grade16 1Tri Horns Cricket Club
3952063791481590297365495Jarrod HupfieldSTC Pumas2018/20191st Grade8 1Canberra City Cricket Club
4936699521481590300284193*James TaylorSTC Pumas2018/20193rd Grade5 1Workers Redbacks
5796699521481590300288179*James TaylorSTC Pumas2018/20193rd Grade15 1AKS Jets
66915773181481590297391869*Ivan D'SouzaSTC Pumas2018/20192nd Grade2 1Tri Horns Cricket Club
7677502121481590300287667*Kevin CullinSTC Pumas2018/20193rd Grade13 1TeluguMates
8657560671481590297394765Nathan BeasleySTC Pumas2018/20192nd Grade9 1Tri Horns Cricket Club
9642063791481590300286164Jarrod HupfieldSTC Pumas2018/20193rd Grade10 1Cook XI
10632036191481590300287663Niven TurnerSTC Pumas2018/20193rd Grade13 1TeluguMates
116015773181481590297397460Ivan D'SouzaSTC Pumas2018/20192nd Grade16 1Tri Horns Cricket Club
125916397211481590300288959*Anudh MadawalaSTC Pumas2018/20193rd Grade17 1Cook XI
13582036191481590300288858Niven TurnerSTC Pumas2018/20193rd Grade16 1Canberra Gymkhana Cricket Club
14587560671481590297392558Nathan BeasleySTC Pumas2018/20192nd Grade4 1Woden Wanderers CC
15584582131481590297393558Bradley HuxleySTC Pumas2018/20192nd Grade6 1Wood Ducks XI
165713102951481590297392557vishal j patelSTC Pumas2018/20192nd Grade4 1Woden Wanderers CC
17522031381481590297365152Greg AxonSTC Pumas2018/20191st Grade7 1Workers Redbacks
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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