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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1912031381551590383590491Greg AxonSTC Pumas CC2021/20221st Grade10 1Canberra Nepalese CC
2868157051551590383592486Chris MapstoneSTC Pumas CC2021/20221st Grade15 1Ceylon Challengers CC
38513684791551590383592485John MillerSTC Pumas CC2021/20221st Grade15 1Ceylon Challengers CC
48515028671551590383643985James BlewettSTC Pumas CC2021/20222nd Grade9 1Buddha Nepalese CC
5832031381551590383593583Greg AxonSTC Pumas CC2021/20221st Grade18 1Barton CC
6777135151551590383646277Scott HulbertSTC Pumas CC2021/20222nd Grade13 1TeluguMates CC
7768157051551590383592776Chris MapstoneSTC Pumas CC2021/20221st Grade16 1Woden Wanderers CC
86810243991551590383648468*Jack CunninghamSTC Pumas CC2021/20222nd Grade18 1Buddha Nepalese CC
9667135151551590383648166Scott HulbertSTC Pumas CC2021/20222nd Grade17 1Lions CC
106513684791551590383589665John MillerSTC Pumas CC2021/20221st Grade8 1Ceylon Challengers CC
116518819871551590385405365*Rohan ManoharSTC Pumas CC2021/20226th Grade12 1Woden Wanderers CC
126217687621551590383643662Navkaran MalhotraSTC Pumas CC2021/20222nd Grade8 1Lions CC
13597135151551590383647759Scott HulbertSTC Pumas CC2021/20222nd Grade16 1Canberra Nepalese CC
145916397211551590383593259Anudh MadawalaSTC Pumas CC2021/20221st Grade17 1Canberra Nepalese CC
155720700621551590385404357Nic EverdellSTC Pumas CC2021/20226th Grade10 1Barton CC
16547560671551590383647154Nathan BeasleySTC Pumas CC2021/20222nd Grade15 1Workers Redbacks CC
175413684791551590383589954John MillerSTC Pumas CC2021/20221st Grade9 1Woden Wanderers CC
18532031381551590383592753Greg AxonSTC Pumas CC2021/20221st Grade16 1Woden Wanderers CC
19519964521551590383644751Jaxon BidenSTC Pumas CC2021/20222nd Grade10 1Northside Legends CC
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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